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How to Have a Happier Pet

Dogs are wonderful companions that really do not ask a lot from their human family members. They want a little exercise, some good food and lots of love. Most pet owners responsibly provide all of this but may not have the time to give them as much of the exercise and attention as the pet really needs. Sticking to a schedule is important to dogs because it gives them security. This is why they wake up, want meals and bathroom breaks at the same time each day. When a work schedule or unexpected event causes the timing of these events to fluctuate it can lead to behavioral problems like chewing, barking and accidents. By hiring a dog walker Charlotte NC pet owners can prevent all of these negative behaviors and gain additional benefits as well.

Allen Baler

There is someone checking on the well-being of the dog every day.
The pet is able to get outside for their bathroom break rather than having to hold it for 8-10 hours a day. Waiting too long has been shown in studies to lead to urinary tract infections and kidney stones.
Regular brisk walks help pets to control their weight and is beneficial to dogs with conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Dog walkers frequently walk more than one dog at a time or take pets to local dog parks. This helps to socialize pets and make them more at ease around other animals.

Familiarity with the dog walker will keep the animal secure when they pet sit during an owner's absence.

Dogs are exercised, calm and happy when their people return home each day.

The pet stays on a stable schedule that keeps them happy and confident.

Companies like QC Petsitting Productions are available to walk pets on whatever schedule is needed. They can provide daily walks or fill in on the rare occasion when an owner is busy or unwell. These companies also offer other services that people frequently require. They offer a shuttle service for getting pets to the vet or other locations, pet sit and act as companions or caregivers during the day for caged pets and cats. Every busy pet owner should learn more about all of the services available that make their responsibility as a pet owner a little easier and their lives with their dogs even more enjoyable. 

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